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Airo Pro Vape Pen


AiroPro remains committed to providing cannabis derived vapor. Some of the safest, purest vape experiences available in the legal cannabis market today.

Alpine Vape Pens


All of Alpine’s products are tested by SC Labs – an independent third party – to verify that all products are 100% solvent, pesticide, and impurity free.”

Americanna Vape


Americanna Vapes are available in the ever expanding, full-spectrum terpene profiles developed in-house. Americanna Vape cartridges are designed for the beginners and pros as well. You may not be looking for an overwhelming potency, but are still interested in a high-quality vaping experience.

Big Chief Xtracts


Our Big chief extracts cartridges uses premium terpenes blended into our cold-ethanol distillate. These Big chief Extracts Cannabis Cartridges are the best. Fresh out of the box, the scent is nice and strong

Bloom Vape


These cartridges Come in a wide variety of different flavors or strains. Often testing at over 70% THC, these vape cartridges are strong. They are reliable and they are pure.

Boom Carts


Boom carts contain only pure live resin oil and cannabis terpenes. That is so for superior taste, potency, and vapor quality. Also, their live resins are extracted from a single source and enhanced with the same unique terpene profile.

Brass Knuckles Carts


This prefilled THC vape cartridge quickly rose to the top in popularity because of its potent distillate oil and tasty terpene mixes. The distillate THC oil in these vape cartridges is stronger than all the other cannabis extracts currently available.

Brite Labs Carts


We believe that the highest quality cannabis products deliver the most beneficial experiences. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to offering the cleanest, most naturally crafted products from respected farmers in California.

Buddah Bear Carts


Buddah Bear cartridges contain only pure live resin oil and cannabis terpenes. That is so for superior taste, potency, and vapor quality.

Buddies Carts


The values Buddies cherish also represent our priorities at Valley Pure, as we aim to serve our communities with safe access to the cleanest, highest-quality cannabis products possible.

Cali Plug Carts


If you’re a regular cannabis user and you want to make sure that you can quickly change out your cartridges, these are items that can be easy to change on the go and with a range of devices that are compatible with the cali plug.

CalyFX Cartridge


All CalyFX Cartridge strains are 100% natural and made in the USA to the highest standards. Our strains are always third party tested and packaged in lead-free and heavy metal-free containers and devices.

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